7/19/02 - Media Section Added and Thieves Guild Guide Updated
Today I finally put the Media section up and have added a few screenshots.  Anyone who wants to have theirs posted on the site feel free to e-mail them to me.  I will be putting up some short video clips soon as well.  Also, I added the Final version of Wroth's Thieves Guild Guide.  Been needing some help with Gentleman Jim's quests? Check it out.

7/13/02 - New Article
Added a new article by Carbon about raiding the Dren Plantation.  It is rather extensive and is definitely worth a look.  Check it out.

Well there has not been very much content lately but we should be adding more articles soon.  However, the forums have been very lively.  Thanks to everyone for using them and for the kind words we have received about the site lately.  Well on to some personal news.  I just thought I'd let everyone know that went to the Dave Matthews Band concert in Raleigh last night and it was amazing.  Also, tomorrow is my birthday.  Just thought I'd let everybody know haha. 

7/04/02 - New Staff Member and Article
Hello every and happy 4th of July.  Hope everybody has some fireworks to celebrate with tonight.  Today Vamp Thief became the newest member of the House of Thieves staff and I posted his first article which is a quick overview of why a Wood Elf is the best race choice for a thief. 

6/28/02 - New Article
Posted a new article about how to make some quick cash through the smuggling ebony and glass.  Thanks to Silk for sending that in.  That's about it for today. 

6/26/02 - New Article
Today I added a new article that is basically a database/collection of known spots worth stealing from.  It is the first version and includes a few towns.  Check it out.  It is very useful, and expect many updates on it in the future.  

6/22/02 - Thieves Guild Guide Update
Posted version .80 of Wroth's Thieves Guild Guide.  It includes updates on the Balmora and Ald-Rhun quests.   

6/19/02 - New Article
Today I added a new article describing a raid on the tower at Tel Fyr.  Thanks to Pip for sending that in.  Well that's about it for today.

6/19/02 - New Article
Added an article today written by yours truly.  Go check it out and send some feedback on what you think.  I wrote Morrowind.com to see if they'd advertise us in their fansites section but haven't heard back from them yet.  I'm glad to see the forum is being used.  Well thats it for today, should have some more articles coming up soon. 

6/17/02 - New Content and Advertisement
Today I posted a new article called "Raiding the Vivec House."  Thanks to the Piper for sending that in.  We are now also affiliated with Destination: Morrowind, a nice informative site owned by Striker.  Drop by and take a look.  Well that's it for now, there should be some more content coming up soon.

I now have the Forum up and running as well as some content in the Info section.  Things are going smoothly, and we should be being advertised on Morrowind Summit soon.

Well I decided to revamp the site design again and this layout is does the job for what we need it for so I am happy. It should be easy to navigate and so on. I also have an article now in the Articles section. It is the Thieves Guild Guide v.75. Thanks to Rotten Zombie for that. Several more people have joined the staff and the turn-out of people sending me messages about the site has somewhat surprised me, in a good way of course. It looks like this is going to be a good project. Should have some more articles on the way and other content, and if you have any of your own feel free to send it in.


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