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    ::The Wood Elf Thief::

The Wood Elf Sniper Thief Version 0.1


This guide is designed to let people know of how great a wood elf is at thievery compared to the (in my opinion) highly over-rated Khajiit. This is my opinion and if you read this guide and still think that a Khajiit is better then go play it.


1. Reasons I think a Wood Elf can be a lot better than a Khajiit.


1)  Wood Elves get a +10 bonus to sneak and a Khajiit only gets +5. You could say that this is balanced out by the Khajiits bonus to Security but if you ask me, Sneak can be much more important than Security because with a level 50 Security there is no lock that wont open with the Secret Master picks. Probing isnít much of a problem either.

2)   +15 bonus to Marksman. Even though a Khajiit gets a +5 bonus to Short Blade, +15 is a lot better with a weapon and the +15 a Khajiit gets to Acrobatics definitely isnít worth it because Acrobatics is the easiest skill to increase and Marksmanship is a lot harder to increase without a trainer.

3)   +10 bonus to light armor. Khajiits only get a +5 here.  Yes again there is the +15 Acrobatics they get, but like I said, Acrobatics is the easiest skill to increase on your own, and Wood Elves also get a +5 bonus to Athletics which takes a lot longer to increase on your own.

4)  Wood elves get a 5 bonus to Alchemy which is much better than a bonus to hand-to-hand for a thief. Yes I think alchemy is important to a thief because it is used to make important potions (especially levitate).




2. Character creation -  The Sniper



       Major skills- marksman, light armor, security, athletics, sneak.

       Minor skills- speech craft, alteration or alchemy, acrobatics, mercantile, illusion   

                             or enchant (personal preference is illusion)

       Sign- The Lady or The lover.

       Specialization- Stealth (always Stealth from now on). 

       Attributes- Agility and either Speed, Intelligence or Personality depending on   skills.



This article is Copyright (c) Morrowind House of Thieves 2002.  Any reproduction or use of this article without the direct consent of its author and the owner of this website is strictly prohibited. 



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