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    ::A Quick Raid on Tel Fyr::

The House of Thieves PRESENTS:

Thieving Hotspots of Morrowind

Version 1B: Tel Fyr Tower: ďA Quick Raid

Author: Eric Taylor --- Pip The Piper.

1.4        Tel Fyr Tower   

This is but a short guide on how to get to Tel Fyr and how to loot it for all you can get using stealth NOT COMBAT.

This 'enlightening' document does not deal with going into the dungeon and bludgeoning your way through corprus ridden ...corpses. 


Equip yourself with the following:  Some form of choice armor and choice weapon. Lockpicks and Probes according to your Security skill:  There are one or two level-100 locks to pick.

Make sure you have Levitation abilities through spell/scroll/potion. To lessen the journey to Tel Fyr bring Swift Swim/Water breathing/Rising force/Levitate as well as whatever assorted potions you feel comfortable with.


The easiest way, I find, is to get to Wolverine Hall outside Sadrith Mora. You can use boat or guild-guide, whichever you prefer.  Remember to bring swimming/waterwalking or levitation/flying potions/scrolls/spells with you in abundance.  You will definitely need a levitate or rising force potion or scroll to get you up to the tower so DON'T FORGET.

Tel Fyr is South West of Sadrith Mora

The island is the largest land mass in the south of the group of islands that make up Zafarel Bay (look at your map if you haven't lost it).  To make some easy money look in the water and do some Pearl Diving at 100 gold a whack.  I made a tidy side profit of 3000 gold doing this on my way to Tel Fyr

Once you arrive, the entrance is on the North side of the island where you will see a boat that frustratingly has no boatman! Follow the path to the entrance and go in. To learn a bit about Tel Fyr, and its 'quaint' atmosphere and history, talk to the girl in bonemold armor that greets you. 

As you come through the door you will see turnings left and right....go right and up into Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr.

As soon as your screen loads LOOK UP.  This rather suggestive tube leads to what will be your loot. Oh and a powerful, but friendly wizard Divayth Fyr. In his chamber of wonders to the North you will find some things of value. Hopefully your security skills are up to the job.  Do not talk to him just yet or he will turn around making it hard to sneak around behind him. I recommend saving just as you get up the 'shaft'.  To your left you will see a chest. Sneak/Probe/Pick away to get a nice enchanted blunt item worth 80K: Scourge.

On the shelf next to this chest is a small chest. Sneak/Probe/Pick this and get a Daedric Sanctuary Amulet; which is not as cool or valuable as it sounds....or so you think NOW. Moving on swiftly:  Read all the books and you are bound to learn something. You will also notice that some of them are worth 300+ gold. Pilfer them if you like because they are easy to sell for a quick profit.

Hee hee... I'll take that...and that...and that... Oh..Hello Mr. All-Powerful All-Seeing Wizard."


Divayth Fyr is extremely hard to sneak around.  His awareness of you is acute as you will notice about most powerful NPCs in the game. Although he is not that powerful, he can kill you with his magic and Daedric combination. Kill him and reap the benefits of a set of Daedric armor and weapon. Most Thieves don't have the level of combat skill to do this but you can try. Remember to save. If you fancy some fun try going into the Corprusarium and try not to turn into one of the very attractive 'bodies' that lurch at you. 

Also I advise that you leave all the keys alone and where they are. I have had reports of people pre-emptively taking these keys and ruining later quests. If you have received this quest go ahead, otherwise it is on your own head.

For the easy reward you can just go West (like the movie), and pick the Closet with a 100 lock for a really great light cuirass: Cuirass of Savior's Hide, with a light armor rating or 93 that beats the hell out of a glass cuirass. 


Once you have looted the tower for all its worth (there are some limeware and dwemer artifacts worth filching on the ground levels) get outta there. I personally do not like being in the middle of nowhere so I use my Amulet of Divine Intervention to get me to the nearest part of civilization. I prefer a place where there are lots of people to pickpocket and steal from. Of course you have your own preferences so do as you will: it is just a suggestion.

So for this simple raid that requires a little effort in the Aquarian area, you can walk away with up to 5000 gold in books and artifacts as well as one of the best, and unique, light armor in the game. Not to mention the Daedric Amulet worth 3100 gold, and the Scourge worth 80000 gold.  A few things to add to your growing collection of unique and valuable loot.


This short and simple guide is for your enjoyment. So enjoy.

Upcoming: More thieving hotspots and Morag Tong walkthrough (in progress)

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I got this info through my own experience playing through the game.

Images and text Copyright (c) The Piper. House of Thieves.



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