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    ::Smuggling Guide::

This article is about how to smuggle raw Ebony and Glass from mines and sell it if you are ever near one and need some quick cash.  I also recommend this for newbies that need quick money.

First you must locate an ebony or glass mine (for EX: The Caldera Mining Co., which is a raw ebony mine). Once you find it the loot  will usually be easy to get (but sometimes sort of hard in certain spots for low level thieves).  Guards WILL KILL you if you are caught picking ebony or glass from the deposits so be careful about who's watching you when you're picking stuff up.  Some mines will be abandoned and its contents will be yours without trouble except the burden of carrying all of it, as well as the occasional monster roaming around...but for now lets talk about mines that are still active and guarded

Some mines will have cover such as big boulders in front of deposits allowing you to pick out all the ebony behind the boulder, but some parts are heavily guarded and watched by miners and guards.  Three ways to obtain heavily watched deposits are... 1) Make them turn around. 2) slaughter the whole mine and then take all the deposits. 3)Use your extremely good thieving skills and sneak in front of them and take the chance.

After you have located and stolen the ebony you must think of this first...Ebony and Glass are on the heavy side.  Thirty-two samples of ebony is  over 300 lbs. So before you smuggle Glass or Ebony make sure you have good strength and drop some of your armor, lockpicks, shields, etc. so you can carry the loot successfully and sell it.

Now that you know how to steal it, you have an idea how much it weighs you must know who has at least enough money to buy all of it. either you can...

1) put 10 merchants out of business
2) find a merchant with a whole lot of money
3) download a merchant mod that has OVER a MILLION gp's...I have Zed, Shadow, and a hidden merchant also named Shadow.

If you come across an abandoned mine it will usually be pitch black. I recommend a torch or a light spell so you can see most of the deposits.  If you don't have any light then you'll at least see a couple of deposits. Most of the deposits are on the floor or high up in the walls.  Don't forget to be careful about getting smacked across the back of the head by a monster that you never saw. Like I said, bring something that gives off light in abandoned mines

Some deposits are found in caverns and caves that bandits live in...some may be underwater or on the roof....look carefully and HAPPY SMUGGLING!!!



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