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    ::Honor Among Thieves::

Honor Among Theives
(Adapted by Strider)

Many admirers ask, "Strider, what does it mean to be thief?"

And I tell them, "You are with your family. You make friends. You are a part of something."

And some say, "What type of person is a thief?"

Thieves are not the dirty scoundrels we are sometimes made out to be.  We are honorable, professional, and we have standards.

And I say, "If you want to be part of the group, you must be like the group. We move undetected. We know about security -- locks, traps, and how to get around them. Our profession may be thieving, but we can defend ourselves as well. We travel light and fast, and carry light arms like daggers and shortswords. We wear light armor, so we can keep moving, and moving fast. Why belong? Simple.

Everybody needs friends.

The help of friends includes information. Your friendly neighborhood thieves know where the action is. This includes where the action is safe, and where it is not. The help of friends includes a place to rest, and a place to buy supplies and services --training and tools. The help of friends includes fixing things with the guards at a discount rate. That's where the 'honor among thieves' part comes in. Friends stick together and help each other.

"But what about the competition?" my admirers ask.

Our competition as thieves is the Comanna Tong. And you don't want to join them, because they don't want you. They have this thing about outlanders. They want them all dead. So, unless your ambition is to be dead, you don't want to join them.

And the Comanna Tong are bad people. The Comanna Tong don't mind killing people. Heck, they LIKE killing people. We thieves, on the other hand, thinks killing people is bad business. You want to be a good person, right? So be a thief, and stay far, far away from the Comanna Tong.

Being a thief is not like being a fighter. You don't just go to the local Guild Hall and receive orders. This is about being a group, a unit. And we don't have Guild Halls. So you can find us in many local friendly places. Thieves like to be where their friends are. And where are their friends? Become one of us and they will be all around you.


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