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    ::Raiding the Dren Plantation::

By: Carbon

Dren is a goldmine. It's probably one of the best places to rob, towards the top of my list (IMO). It contains a lot of valuable stuff, including Ebony and Daedric stuff. Not to mention Orcish and Dwemer sets.  It takes a lot of fighting (I recommend a ton of Sujamma), but it can be done.

Ebony spear
Ebony cuirass
Ebony boots
Daedric shield
Daedric greaves
Daedric katana
Daedric dai-katana
Daedric claymore
Glass jinkblade x2
Poisonous glass blade
Set of Orcish
Set of Dwemer
3K, that's around 300K (just a guess) worth of stuff. That's including the Daedric Dai-katana (120K).

What you need before you go.

-A fairly good level in a weapon skill.

-A lot of Sujamma. We're talking 50. Of course, if you're a good mage or fighter, you may not need all of that.

-A lot of space in your inventory. You can always come back. But you should get it all in three trips.

-Pick or Security skill good enough for level 60 locks.

-Some probes.

-Some Health potions. (I just dropped everybody with the suja, but you may want it if you're taking a more subtle route)


It's easy to get to the plantation. It's a short walk from Pelagiad. And Pelagiad is a short walk from Seyda Neen.

1.) Take a Silt Strider to Seyda Neen.

2.) Head east, then follow the path north. Finally, follow the path west, past a tomb and a Guar, and you'll arrive at Pelagiad.

3.) Head north-east from Pelagiad.

4.) You should come to a house with a Guar outside.

5.) The plantation is right by that house.






1.) This is the closest as you enter the plantation. It's a shack on stilts. Look for it in a corner by a bunch of netches and slaves.

2.) You wonít be spending much time here. This is where you'll get your claymore.

3.) This is going to be hell. The Dren brothers and a couple more powerful people prowl here. This, however, is where you'll get the majority of your loot. Through killing, that is. It's the house with two doors.

4.) You can pick up a lot of moon sugar/skooma here.


Entering the shack, you'll find a man. Donít worry about taunting, there are no guards here. Just start swinging. Remember that he's using a Daedric Dai-Katana! It's pretty powerful. I suggest:

A: Chug some suja and start swinging.

B: Paralyze him. Then switch between your jinks weapon and real weapon. Or re-cast paralyze when he un-freezes.

Whichever, just be ready for a battle. You should be around level 15.

With Daedric Dai-Katana in hand, head to the guardhouse.


This is going to be similar to the above. This time, you should taunt. There's a girl upstairs that could come down to help. She's not that strong, but you're going to be going up against a claymore, so less enemies is always nice. The man with the claymore is standing in front of a table with ingredients sitting on paper.


Here we go, the big showdown. Get ready and BE SURE TO SAVE. I canít stress that more. So, let's start.

There's a guy upstairs, standing by a bookcase with lots of good stuff on it. You can get him to turn around and use chameleon or invisibility to grab them. Something good will be to get him to turn away from the staircase. Then grab everything with telekinesis from afar. Be sure that other guy (the patrol) doesn't see you.

Next, there's a guy who patrols around. He carries a Daedric Katana and Shield. He is rather powerful, so donít get him mad. You can kill him (along with the orc dude by the stairs) after you get the brothers.

NOTE: Attacking anyone in here will make one of the Dren brothers (the one with the nasty jinkblades) appear. You donít want to do that.

Finally, there's the Dren bro. They should be the first thing you do when you enter. This is because you can just kill everyone else after these two, and keep it all on a 1-on-1 basis. Go downstairs and pick the door. After getting that (be careful of those traps, poison can hurt), pick the other door. DONT OPEN IT YET. If you do, Dren will see you and him and his brother will gang up. If that happens, you're screwed because they have jinkblades. The smart and cautious thing to do is to open the door then IMMEDIATELY close it behind you. This prevents the other brother from getting in. The first brother is now yours. Remember to leave the first door open so the other guards wonít come down and block it from opening. Be sure to search his room for 8K in a chest at the foot of his bed and 3K in the closet. When you're ready, open the door back up.

With the door back open, you'll be faced with the other brother. Take him out, and search his body for his glass jinkblades. Now, if you left the first door open, you should be able to go up the stairs and fight against the patrol. If you left the door shut, you could be trapped in the room. You're really screwed then. After killing the patrol, you can grab his shield from him. He also carries a Katana. Finally, there's the other guy. He uses an Ebony Spear. Be sure to watch out! Kill him, and take the spear. You can then grab the Ebony Cuirass and Boots from the shelf. There's also an Indoril Helm (Ordinator helm) on there. Get what you want and you're home free.


Check the docks and the storage for some skooma/moon sugar. Also, you can get some armor sets. The man with the Ebony Spear wears full Orc. There's also a girl upstairs in the guardhouse who wears full Dwemer. You can kill them to take the armor. They're nothing special though.

There you have it, a complete guide to the Dren Plantation. I hope you survived Dren Villa. Now, go figure out how you're going to sell this stuff. ;-)



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