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    ::The Do's and Don'ts of a Thief Build::

Things thieves SHOULD have and should NOT have

Okay this is my first article so bare with me........this article is intended for thieving newbies to read if you are needing help on your character build.

Major skills that thieves SHOULD have-

1. Shortblade
2. Light Armor or Unarmored
3. Security
4. Sneak
5. acrobatics or athletics

Major or Minor skills that thieves SHOULD NOT have-

1.longblade,blunt weapon,axe,spear
2 medium or heavy armor.
3. destruction.
5.any other type of magic school besides illusion

Minor skills thieves SHOULD have-

3.Acrobatics or Athletics
4. illusion or hand-to-hand
5 marksman

Advice: have only ONE skill of armor do NOT have light armor as major and unarmored as minor ((Vice Versa))

Hand-to-hand: if your wondering why I put it on there, it will help boost your STR faster and you'll be able to carry a bit more as you go up lvls with this than without it.

Marksman: helps to kill/do initial damage without taking a chance of getting caught trying to get a critical hit if your sneak is too low.

Guilds: "Thieves guild" is recommended and if you want to join a house so you can get a Stronghold I prefer the "House of Hlaalu". DO NOT join "Redoran House." or "Telvanni House." DO NOT join the Mage's or Fighters guild either because 1) The fighter's guild makes you kill the all the bosses in the thieves guild 2) A thief in the mage's guild doesn't sound right at all even if you have illusion.


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